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Guess the meaning
  1. Find a word in the dictionary that the students do not know. (This exercise can be led by the teacher or a student.)
  2. Write the word on the board and pronounce the word. Have the students pronounce the word.
  3. The goal is for the students to guess the meaning of the word.
  4. You can do anything to communicate the meaning of the word except give the definition of the word. You cannot give the students synonyms for the word. Avoid phrases such as, "It means to...", "It's the same as...". "It's the opposite of..."
  5. You can use the word in sentences. (If a student is leading the exercise, the teacher should check the sentences first.)
  6. You can use body language.
  7. You can give examples of when the word would be used.
  8. You can (and certainly should) give the part of speech for which the word can be used (verb, noun, etc.)
  9. You can have fun!
  10. The student that guesses the meaning of the word gets to go next.