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idiom: crocodile tears
meaning: pretend to cry, false tears. It comes from the belief that crocdiles cried when eating their prey or trying to attract it
usage: he's not hurt, they're just crocodile tears
name: Dion

idiom: cut the cheese
meaning: u farted and it was nasty!!!
usage: aawww!!! he cut the cheses!!!!!
(NOTE: This was sent in as slang, but it's actually an idiom. -Webmaster)

idiom: That was the icing on the cake!
meaning: Another problem above the previous ones
usage: I got up late to go to this morning! I had a car crash on the way. When I arrived I was inundated with works. While working my clerck informed me about the loss of my dad! That was really the icing on the cake!
name: Hossein

idiom: hold your horses
meaning: to be patient
usage: yes i got it all right 'hold your horses' i got it all wrong
name: yusuf

idiom: Two heads are better than one
meaning: That it is better to do something with more help then alone.
usage: "Thanks for helping, Sally" said Tammie. "Well you know what they say... two heads are better than one".
name: Jennifer

idiom: Wet behind the ears
meaning: When you are first born, you are fully covered in liquidy material, so to be "wet behind the ears" means to be ignorant, as if you were just born.
usage: I know you think I'm wet behind the ears when I give you lectures, but I really know what I'm talking about.
name: Crystal

idiom: hang on
meaning: to wait
usage: hang on and ill find the phone number
name: anna thompson

idiom: crocodile tears
meaning: crying very loud
usage: "will you please stop your being crocodile tears!"
name: jen jones

idiom: that rings a bell
meaning: you remember something
usage: what you just said rings a bell
Webmaster note: Great idiom!
Actually, it means you remember something partially, but you can't remember it entirely. It means that what you hear sounds familiar, but you can't quite remember exactly what it is.
Another example of usage:
A: Have you heard of the movie 'Splendor in the Grass'?
B: Hmmmm.... It rings a bell, but I can't remember what it's about.

idiom: for one's own good
meaning: Help me to understand the exact meaning of this idiom.
usage: We were too clever for our own good.
Webmaster note: It's used to mean that your skills or abilities will get you in trouble for some reason, or that you should do something for your own protection.
Other examples:
For your own good, you shouldn't ask too many questions.
I was too smart for my own good.
Generally, this idiom is adverbial, and it suggests that that which it modifies relates to your wellbeing.

idiom: be on ones last leg
meaning: to be too old
usage: he is on his last leg
name: golnaz

idiom: Haul ass!!
meaning: get your ass moving
usage: You better Haul ass if u expect to get to school on time.
name: JYM

idiom: Haul ass!
meaning: To hurry up, move faster.
usage: We better haul ass if we are going to make kick off.
name: Bo

idiom: kid's stuff
meaning: a very easy task
usage: climbing that hill is kid's stuff
name: farnaz

idiom: grin from ear to ear
meaning: to smile broadly, to look very pleased or happy
usage: The coach of the football team was grinning from ear to ear when they won the cup.
name: Arne

idiom: It takes two to tango
meaning: It takes a person and a person to communicate. Not one to talk by himself.
usage: It's a committed relationship when it takes two to tango.
name: Lindsey Mayo

idiom: Six of one, half dozen of another.
meaning: When referring to the both of two options, it means that they are roughly equal, or that they both have good points and bad points.
A: Should we start with the square boxes or the rectangular boxes?
B: Six of one, half dozen of another. It makes no difference.
name: Guest

idiom: To Throw Caution to The Wind
meaning: Do Not Care or Think About the Consequences of One's Actions
usage: She threw caution to the wind for she didn't study for the exam

idiom: peaches and cream
meaning: easy going, the good life, very nice
usage: This idiom is often used in a negative sentence, as in, "It's not all peaches and cream," or, "It's not always peaches and cream." name: Dan

idiom: saw logs
meaning: to snore loudly
usage: The old man was sawing logs.

idiom: play it by ear
meaning: To go with the flow, just let things happen, to figure it out when it happens.
A: So what do you want to do tonight?
B: We'll just play it by ear.
name: Jamie

idiom: won't be caught dead with that/doing that
meaning: never will do that
usage: That girl is so ugly I wouldn't be caught dead with her.
name: Isaiah

idiom: to put something on the back burner
meaning: to forget about a problem for a little while or to make something your second priority
usage: I put the party on the back burner because I had homework.
name: Amanda

idiom: to knock off
meaning: to quit working for the day
usage: I'm going to knock off early today.

idiom: To "Get Around"
meaning: One who practices anti-abstinence with an extreme amount of people.
usage: I suggest you be cautious and use a form of provalactics when you have intercourse with people who get around.

example: Two wrongs don't make a right.
meaning: Doing something to correct a wrong when the act you are doing would normally be considered wrong does not make sense.

idiom: Takes one to know one.
meaning: If you criticize someone, you most likely are the same type of person.
A: Your a dummy.
B: It takes one to know one!

idiom: To hang loose
meaning: To relax, to wait without anxiety, to take it easy in general.
usage: I got anxious waiting for her to call back, but I decided to just hang loose.

idiom: To get someone's drift.
meaning: To understand what someone is saying.
usage: example 1:
A: Do you understand what I'm saying?
B: Yes. I get your drift.
Example 2:
A: Do you understand what I mean?
B: No, I'm sorry. I don't get your drift.
name: Dan

idiom: To screw up.
meaning: To make a mistake.
usage: I really screwed up.

idiom: To have egg on your face.
meaning: To feel embarrassed about something you have done.
usage: Oh no! I screwed up. I sure have egg on my face.

idiom: To bite the big one
meaning: to make a major mistake
usage: Sally really knows how to bite the big one.

idiom: to space-out, to feel spaced-out
meaning: To forget something, to be absent minded, to daydream
usage: 1) I couldn't sleep last night so I feel spaced out. 2) Sorry, what did you say? I just spaced out. 3) I'm feeling spacey today.

idiom: hell if you do hell if you don't
meaning: Its's wrong if you do - it's wrong if you don't
usage: Hell if you do hell if you don't. Your in trouble.
name: Andrew Alberdi

idiom: To bite one's tongue
meaning: To refrain from saying something that you want to say.
usage: I had to bite my tongue to keep from telling him how goofy his tie looked.

idiom: To have a cow
meaning: To get really angry.
usage: Hey! Don't have a cow! I'm just telling you how I feel.

idiom: to show one's teeth
meaning: to turn negative towards somebody or something, to show resistance or even anger
usage: He shows his teeth only if his property is in danger.
name: Lera

idiom: to be blown away
meaning: to be very impressed or surprised
usage: I was blown away by the concert. OR This CD will blow you away.

idiom: "big boned"
meaning: To be fat or obese
usage: She's not fat, she's just big boned
name: Jenny Damon

idiom: catch a ride
meaning: Get someone to drive you somewhere
usage: Hey man, can I catch a ride to the train station?
name: Shawn

idiom: to clean up
meaning: To make a lot of money in a specific period of time.
usage: I really cleaned up playing black jack last night.

idiom: a knee-jerk reaction
meaning: To react to something in a habitual way without reflection.
usage: Getting angry when someone cuts you off in traffic is a knee-jerk reaction.

idiom: get your ass in gear
meaning: to hurry up; move faster
usage: If you don't want to be late, you'd better 'get your ass in gear'!
name: JCA

idiom: hang out
meaning: To casually pass time at a certain place.
usage: Let's go to the bowling alley and hang out

idiom: to knock off
meaning: To stop working.
usage: I'm going to knock off at 3:00.

idiom: to get around to something
meaning: to find the time to do something
usage: I'll cut the grass when I get around to it.

idiom: to get off on something
meaning: to really get excited or stimulated by or interested in something
usage: I really got off on that movie. // I get off on seeing a falling star.

idiom: to pull "your own weight "
meaning: to prove your self
name: Jenny Damon

idiom: sawing wood
meaning: snoring loudly
usage: He was really sawing wood last night!!!
name: Angela

slang: Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle
meaning: In a great deal of trouble with no hope of avoiding it
usage: If they catch you working without a Green Card, you'll be up shit creek without a paddle!
name: JCA

idiom: under the weather
meaning: not feeling well
usage: Mr. Bill was feeling under the weather.
name: Hao Shang Wen (Shawn)


idiom: parlar pels descosits
meaning: to take very much, excessively
usage: Ell estava empipat perquè ella parlava pels descosits (He was
angry because she spoke excessively)
language: catalan
name: Pep Maria


idiom: to step on somebody's toes
meaning: to mistreat or harass somebody
usage: I use to fight back every time somebody steps on my toes
language: Danish
name: Lera


idiom: Eid Ka chand Hona
meaning: some person dissapearing
usage: When you meet some one who appeared after a long time.. you say Kyon Eid ke chand hogaye..Nazar nahee aate


idiom: ????????????
meaning: ?????????????????????????????????
usage: ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????
name: NokZa


idiom: za glaza / ?? ????? [za glazA]
meaning: behind s.o.'s back; when the one, who is talked about, can't hear or is absent
usage: Ya rasserdilsya, kogda uznal, chto moyi druzyya nazyvayut menya za glaza skuperdyayem.
name: Daniel Fanisse

idiom: za glaza / ?? ????? [za glazA]
meaning: behind s.o.'s back; when the one, who is talked about, can't hear or is absent
usage: Ya rasserdilsya, kogda uznal, chto moyi druzyya nazyvayut menya za glaza skuperdyayem.
name: Daniel Fanisse


idiom: Ho nka fat'se
meaning: Literally, to take from the ground. Idiomatically, not to take after somebody (traits, character). Usually used as a negative to indicate that a trait wasn't picked up off the ground but was given/taught by parents.
usage: Kananelo ha a nka fat'se: Kananelo learnt that from her parents/parent.
name: Rethabile Masilo


idiom: Hodi? flintu do ?ita.
meaning: Vzda? sa toho ?o chceme dosiahnú?.
usage: Neurobil skúšku a hodil flintu do ?ita.
name: Renáta