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slang: fly
meaning: extreme, awesome, cool, etc.
usage: Lookin' extra fly til the day I die
name: Holly =D

slang: Sad
meaning: pathetic
use: o man that's just sad

slang:yous a hot mess
meaning: You look really bad
use: Girl you looks a hot mess fo realz

slang: Moob
meaning: a man with boobs
use: that man over there has major moobs
name: Micky

slang: Emo
meaning: a person who is in touch with their feelings and expresses them through music, their hair and makeup, clothes and sexulaity.
use: that boy cryin is such an emo
name: emma

slang: kool aid
meaning: your bf/gf
use: She's my kool aid.

slang: Filthy
meaning: Sweet, tight, awesome
use: dude that song was filthy
name: Nicole

slang: backasswords
language: english
meaning: a*s backwords; to get confused or go about the wrong way
use: You've got that backasswords. It goes like this.

slang: koob
meaning: a koob is a person *it can mean whatever you want it to mean it is up to you if it is going to be good or bad*
use: don't be a koob
you are such a koob
why would i wanna hang out with thoes koobs
name: shorty

slang: stoaked
meaning: excited
usage: dude in totally staoked to go to that party
name: Jo Steezy

slang: skubledoof
meaning: to get things wrong
use: you made a right skubledoof of that
name: pete

slang: tcmulu
meaning: Take Care Miss You Love You
use: Aaite ciao....TCMULU
name: harryndn

slang: Jizz
meaning: Hurt or....
usage: Gonna jizz that mother @#%#er that stole my benz.
name: PK da New Way Bard

slang: bounce
meaning: to leave from where ever you are
usage: i'm bored lets bounce
name: pez

slang: Tarbosh
meaning: Nothing, but its ment to offend someone
usage: Your such a Tarbosh

name: Cheese

slang: Dot!
meaning: (if someone says somthing smart 2 someone and that someone comes back with a good a** comeback)just say 'Dot!'
usage: Dot! b***h u just got served
name: Jasmine

slang: bangers and mash
meaning: sausages and potato
usage: where having bangers and mash for dinner
name: bill

slang: avanowres
meaning: means " a lot "or "something awesome "
usage: like.... there's avanowres waves.... or.. this party is avanowres !!!
name: mariana

slang: lofin
meaning: someone who be fakin
usage: man stop lofin
language: English
name: dana

slang: mufflers
meaning: womens breast,,as if you put your head in there you wouldnt
hear a thing
usage: she has a lovely pair of mufflers
name: Rik

slang: n2m
meaning: nothing to much
usage: Jill: sup? Jack: n2m
name: Michelle

slang: trot
meaning: geek , or nerd someone who spends al there time on a computer
usage: Man , you a trot
name: markwoods

slang: Crack a lackin
meaning: whats going on!
usage: Whats crack a lackin biatch?!
name: GrahamKracka

slang: meh
meaning: i dont no...y r u asking me me?
usage: what the time?
name: beavus

slang: dno
meaning: dno=dont no
usage: wats the time?
name: beavus

slang: Tomoz
meaning: Tomorrow
usage: See ya tomoz
language: English
name: beavus and buthead

slang: brb
meaning: be right back
usage: brb gotta go to da loo
name: beavus and buthead

slang: soz
meaning: sorry
usage: soz hav 2 go
name: beavus and buthead

slang: gp
meaning: gotta pee
usage: brb gp
name: beavus and buthead

slang: Atm
meaning: At the moment
usage: (the pic that is in my display picture atm and another one..)
name: Ryan

slang: wth
meaning: what the hell
usage: what the hell is ur problem
name: hottie447

slang: unf
meaning: u need friends
usage: u need friends u ass hole
name: hottie447

slang: merk out
meaning: leave
usage: yo,it's late...i'm bout to merk out!
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: btw
meaning: by the way
usage: btw dis is jon ere
name: vikki

slang: Monkeys Tounge
meaning: the female genitles
usage: show us ya monkeys tounge pet
name: monster

slang: l0l
meaning: laugh out loud
usage: lol
name: vik

slang: g2g
meaning: got 2 go
usage: i av g2g now!
name: vicky

slang: bustin it up
meaning: talking
usage: We was bustin it up sll night!
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: NASAF
meaning: "Nice Ass Shame About the Face". When a girl is fit from behind but is a minger when she turns round
usage: Woah man. She was well NASAF
name: Fraz

slang: 7-30 OR seventhirty
meaning: crazy !!!
usage: Dat dude was seventhirty !
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: ducks
meaning: corny dudes
usage: U need to stop date'n them ducks and find a real man!
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: get'n it in OR get'n it the f*ck in
meaning: completing a task with great effort
usage: I was get'n it in at the gym!
I was get'n it the f*ck in at the gym
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: the shizzight
meaning: same meaning as the shit. something cool,sweet.
usage: now that its on the tv it is the shizzight
name: teka ck

slang: Flid
meaning: As in idiot, stupid, dumb, not quite with it.
usage: Flamin heck that lad is such a flid.
name: Harry G

slang: ish
meaning: sh*t
usage: that girl over there thinks she is the ish!
name: steffdogg

slang: stoge
meaning: cigarette
usage: I need to stop at the store to buy stoges.
name: steffdogg

slang: Off the chain
meaning: equal to "off the hook", just another way of saying VERY nice
usage: that guy is off the chain, that party was off the chain, etc.
name: steffdogg

slang: faded
meaning: F****ed up
usage: Man that guy was faded to his girl
name: Nina AKA "D"

slang: safeage
meaning: ur respected and alright
usage: ur safeage!
name: kt

slang: hannah
meaning: a whore, skank, ho, bop, who can get especially nasty when krunk
usage: Hey Sharon, why ya have to be such a hannah all the time?
name: babyboilova

slang: Vanessa
meaning: a very hot,fly,crafty, cat loving, biotch with a super sexy body
usage: Hey, your moves are totally vanessa
name: hannah

slang: fugly
meaning: you are F***** ulg
usage: dam, that girl is fugly
name: Nina AKA "D"

slang: ill
meaning: Ill: meaning tight, sick, cool, nice
usage: that song they played at the club was ill
name: Steffdog

slang: what is it?
meaning: how you been , whats going on
usage: what up dog, I mean what is it?
name: Steffdogg

slang: Steezy
meaning: something that takes balls to do, but looks smooth when done.
usage: that trick was steezy
name: Bob Dole

slang: Tweaked
meaning: broken
usage: man your knee is tweaked
name: logan

slang: limpin meaning: the swagger with which a pimp strolls
usage: after u broke that bitch of i was limpin down broad street
lookin fo a new piece name: KNEeGROW SAY WHAT

slang: Healthy
meaning: if something is not healthy
usage: a smack is pretty healthy
name: Logan

slang: bop
meaning: Someone is is a slut or a whore
usage: That bop gets around with everybody's man.
name: jasmine

slang: trilf hood
meaning: top secret club
usage: we r in da trilf hood. pah ha
name: kirsty benny becca and the trilf hood members

slang: frook frook
meaning: f****** twat
usage: u frook frook
name: kirsty and becca

slang: dumbed out...(or) dumbed da f*ck out
meaning: to make a bad choice
usage: why did you do dat? dumbed out!
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: get my wig tossed
meaning: get my hair done
usage: i'ma get my wig tossed on Saturday
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: ride'n my gate
meaning: sweat'n me...jock'n me...on my d*ick
usage: after i bought my Escalade errybody was ride'n my gate
name: Dirtee Jerz

slang: slaps
meaning: a complimant for a really good sound or beat or something cool
usage: uuuh son that slaps
name: nk

slang: tap tap
meaning: what you say when you get up from a seat or spot so no one will take it. (said so many people can hear you and back u up)
usage: hey get up i called tap tap on this seat
name: kenny

slang: Ish
meaning: anything
usage: this is some gay ish, or, give me some of that ish
name: kenny

slang: gissass
meaning: Girl with nice ass.
usage: Check out that gissass.
name: Eric Christian

slang: krunk
meaning: really drunk, smashed, wasted
usage: im hella krunk
name: kenny

slang: cheetle
meaning: the cheese on your fingers after u eat cheetos
usage: dont toutch me dude u got cheetle all over ur fingers
name: kenny

slang: butterface
meaning: a girl who has a nice body but an ugly face (everything but her face is good lookin)
usage: shes a butterface
name: kenny

slang: Bobfoc
meaning: A girl with a good body but ugly face
From "Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch" = Bobfoc
usage: That girl's a real Bobfoc

slang: copper
meaning: bad azz breath
usage: Someone in this car, has copper!
name: spoiled pot

slang: tip drill
meaning: a girl with a ugly face but nice body
usage: lets go to this party and find a tip drill
name: jgoodbreezy

slang: hella
meaning: alot of something
usage: there was hella people at the party

slang: hella or hecka
meaning: Nor Cal (North California) term. Means "a lot", "like hell"
usage: Man, its hella hot out here. She had hecka money in her purse.

slang: jaun
meaning: any...thing it can be used in reference to a girl or any other noun except for a dude.
usage: "she was crazy. i know what was really good wit the jaun." or "can you pass me that jaun right there?"
name: tiffani

slang: G2G
meaning: got to go
usage: oh soz (sorry) i've g2g now 'cause we r havin dinna
name: Georg_R

slang: FOB
meaning: someone who is "Fresh Off the Boat", an immigrant, a foregner, also used to mean a stupid person
usage: that guy over there with a pocket-protector and a palm pilot, is such a fob.

slang: jinglewhopper
meaning: a very loud, obnoxious fart
usage: "Wow, that was one helluva jinglewhopper!"

slang: stamped
meaning: Awesome
usage: Your shoes are so stamped!
name: Kara

slang: kick it
meaning: Hang out with your friends
usage: "Let's go kick it later."
name: girlygirl

slang: trippin'
meaning: getting mad, usually for no reason
usage: "I don't know why he's trippin', nobody even said anything about him..."
name: girlygirl

slang: bubble bath
meaning: havin a laugh
usage: u must b avin a bubble bath
( u must b avin a larf )
name: charlotte braddick

slang: you're fat
meaning: you're stupid or dumb
usage: you're really fat i cant belive you said that
name: natalia

slang: Spot
meaning: To lend or to give money, pay for
usage: hey man, you wanna spot for me?
name: J.R.

slang: wat eva
meaning: um try no, as if, i dont believe u , dont lie
usage: person1: i made it 2 home base
Person2: yeah wat eva in a millions years
name: Tara

slang: ppl
meaning: people
usage: did u c those ppl yesterday
name: Tara

slang: duck out
meaning: get lost, piss off
usage: yo ma, duck out!
name: aaronknowles

slang: Microserf
meaning: One who pays to become enslaved to Microsoft.
usage: What? You don't know what Linux is? Are you a microserf?

slang: G'
meaning: to leave
usage: "its late,lets G"
name: dion

slang: allow that
meaning: to not accept something
usage: A "lets stay out untill 12.00 tonite?"
B " no way, allow that"
name: mark lee

slang: Yat
meaning: girl, girlfriend
usage: "alright mate,is that your yat"
name: T

slang: brush it
meaning: to let it go, let it not bother you
usage: that girls a bitch but im gonna brush it

slang: trilf
meaning: flirt
usage: that girl is such a trilf!
language: English
name: kirsty

slang: biatch
meaning: bitch, slag
usage: what a biatch
name: kirsty

slang: SUP DOG?
meaning: Whats cooking
usage: sup dog daddy'o
name: Stephanie

slang: choad
meaning: bad,stupid
usage: man this licks choad
name: becky

slang: Spiffy
meaning: Cool
usage: My "spiffy" golf glove
name: Leah:)

slang: joint
meaning: used in place of any noun (in other contexts it's marijuana but not here
usage: that joint looks good! (in reference to a girl, a food item, a place, etc.)
name: K


slang: apple pie
meaning: sum1 u love alot call them ur apple pie
usage: hes fine n hes ma apple pie!
name: Haylz

slang: scout
meaning: hold on to and protect, keep away from others
usage: Here scout my beer while I shake the John.
She's a unfaithful breezy, I always gotta be scoutin her.

slang: brett
meaning: Bad Breath/ someone who says something stupid/ annoys you/
pisses you off is said to have brett
usage: you got brett

slang: Smush
meaning: Means anything you want it to mean mostly used to describe how
you feel or look
usage: dude i feel like smush today
language: other
name: haylz

slang: what it do?
meaning: what do you wanna do.
usage: Hay Kaela what it do

slang: Homie fry one time
meaning: hay, wuts up,etc.
usage: Elena homie fry one time..
name: Jamaika

slang: yaza
meaning: meaning yes
usage: yaza , i willl get my ice in the bathroom
name: sarah

slang: banshy
meaning: alot!
usage: man i cut my finger! it hurts like a banshy!
man i gotta pee like a banshy
name: chortle aka chort aka albino shoulder

slang: 'da bom
meaning: Something or someone that is awesome, great
usage: Man, that car is 'da bom. Wow, she is da 'bom.
name: Bo

slang: Don't get your panties in a wad.
meaning: To overreact, get upset or excited.
usage: Don't get your panties in a wad, I was just joking around with
name: Bo

slang: Chivy
meaning: Cool, wonderful, hot, sexy, funny (It's a compliment)
usage: Wow check out that chivy car!
name: Leah:)

slang: young
meaning: too small
usage: His shirt is young!
name: Tiffani

slang: dope
meaning: somethings pretty damn cool
usage: thats one dope cd

slang: phat
meaning: -pretty hot and tempting
-vrey cool
usage: That's a phat car!

slang: ghetto
meaning: -low quality
usage: That's a ghetto tie!

slang: oder
meaning: toward an object
usage: see dat girl oder.. she one fly snapcrakpopper
name: rok

slang: a minute
meaning: a long time, a while
usage: Wassup dog I ain't seen you roung here in a minute."
name: Tru Zakar

slang: actin' up
meaning: behaving foolishly, overreacting.
usage: Yo tell that b**** stop actin' up. I don't go over there that fool be actin' up.
language: English
name: Tru Zakar

slang: O.D.
meaning: achronym for over doing
usage: He don't never know when to stop Leroy stay'.
language: english
name: Tru Zakar

slang: puff
meaning: someone who tries too hard to fit in.
usage: don't jump with that puff
name: ANG

slang: enronic
meaning: an adjective meaning 'like corporate slime'
usage: That yuppie looks enronic.

slang: poe poez
meaning: police
usage: I just got busted by them poe poez.
name: Julie

slang: jo
meaning: Someone that's being annoying or real corny; also the term 'jo-ing'. It also can mean being loud and obnoxious.
usage: Man that girl is real jo. / He was being too loud and
jo-ing it up.
name: Isis

slang: loot
meaning: money
usage: I just made some loot today.
name: Julie

slang: lime in the coconut
meaning: to have sex
usage: Barbie and Ken put the lime in the coconut last night.
name: Julie

slang: chicken licken'
meaning: Tasty thighs on a lady
usage: There be some fly chicken licken'.
name: Leeroy

slang: illin'
meaning: Hating or always finding a problem with you or another person in your crew.
usage: She/he is always illin' on my clothes.
name: Amanda

slang: white around the mouth
meaning: Broke, no money
usage: I'm white around the mouth today cuddie.
name: Brian

slang: Haterade
meaning: A playa hater's favorite drink
usage: Hey look at that haterade fool.
name: Brian

slang: cuddie
meaning: homie, friend
usage: I'm gonna go kick it wit my cuddies.
name: Brian

slang: sum cut up
meaning: feminine affection
usage: I'm fixin' to go get me some cut up over Laquesha's house.
name: ACE K

slang: Beat up From Da Feet Up
meaning: Ugly
usage: Damn Sly you lookin Beat up from Da Feet Up
name: Tracey ( )

slang: Choice!
meaning: Expression of gratification, excellent, great, etc.
usage: This meal is choice!
name: The Choicest One

slang: f***in' A
meaning: Ubiquitous Vietnam war term used for various emotions. Used mostly to acknowledge agreement or surprise. Accent, used on both syllables, denoted the various connotations.
usage: F***in' A, I don't care if this steak is dogmeat, it's better than them goddamn c-rats.
name: Tom Elliott

slang: fly
meaning: Extremely good
usage: Yo, this is some fly ass chicken, dog.
name: C2theL-O

slang: Free will to free Willy
meaning: Your will should be high and strong to have a free heart.
usage: To get along in life you need free will to free Willy.
name: Lindsey Mayo

slang: Butter
meaning: To perfect anything
usage: man that shot was all butter!
name: Francisco

slang: mad shibbs
meaning: really cool
usage: that was mad shibbs

slang: dude
meaning: any person.
usage: hey dude

slang: Tight
meaning: If something is cool or looks nice.
usage: The party was tight.
name: R-men

slang: Breezy
meaning: Girl
usage: Look at this breezy
name: EAM

slang: cup this chigga
meaning: Listen to this my Cuba Missouri friend
usage: Yo nephew, cup this chigga.
name: JaGGed J

slang: Sell the move!
meaning: It means to make it something look more painful then it is.
usage: Man he sells those punches really good.
name: Robert Nozil

slang: Off the hezzie 4 shezzie
meaning: Variant of "Off the hook for sure."
usage: Dis b**** off da hezzie 4 shezzie!
name: Shaggs 2 Dope

slang: sum cut up
meaning: gettin some feminine affection
usage: Im fixin to go get me sum cut up over Laqueshas house
name: ACE K

slang: wha G'wan?
meaning: hey what the hell is happenin
usage: yo gurl wha G'wan
name: SL

slang: biatch
meaning: A girl who is being a really big b****. also: A dude that is a punk.
usage: That girl is a biatch! That fool is a biatch!
name: Austin
lang: English

slang: summerteeth
meaning: Someone whose teeth are jacked.
usage: That girl had a nice body but
summerteeth were yellow and
summerteeth were black.
name: Isaiah
lang: English

slang: Oh Boi (sp)
meaning: all good
usage: Party tonight. Oh Boi!
lang: English
name: Isaiah

idiom: start some thizz
meaning: start a problem
usage: Everytime you come around all you do is start some thizz
name: Eboni Jonse

slang: He jacked up.
meaning: To mess up.
usage: He jacked up while doing his homework.

slang: off the hinges
meaning: crazy or caught up in something; out of control
usage: Homegirl's off the hinges, she needs to lay off the TWAK.
name: DOJA

slang: Peeps
meaning: Your people or friends
usage: I'm bout to go kick it with my peeps.

slang: Nassatall
meaning: The lacking of thickness or shape in the gluteus maximus.
usage: That girl might be a little cute in the face, but she got hella Nassatall
name: Phil Tayag

slang: butt hurt
meaning: taking something to seriously and getting offended
usage: Don't get all butt hurt. I was just joking when Icalled you ugly.
name: DOJA

slang: Fo sho
meaning: Means absuloutly, of course.
usage: Lets do this fo sho dog.

slang: Shake the spot
meaning: Lets leave, go somewhere else.
usage: A blood lets shake the spot.

slang: Trust
meaning: For sure, damn striaht, believe me
I had hella fun at that party.
Was the music off the chain?
name: Eboni Jones

slang: wig out
meaning: To freak out, to have an episode, to lose control of yourself, to get really angry.
usage: The girl wigged out when she lost her purse.

slang: hit it
meaning: To leave, to get going
usage: It's getting late. Let's hit it.

slang: Zad
meaning:OK or average
usage: That girl is zad.

slang: You be bug!
meaning: This means that the person to whom it is said is having an attack of the uglies that day, usually meant to imply the person was partying too hard the night before.
name: David Shepard

slang: bomb
meaning: great
usage: That's the bomb.

slang: to bounce
meaning: to leave
usage: Hey man I'm going to bounce.

slang: bread
meaning: money
usage: Yo girl how much bread you got?

slang: breezy
meaning: a girl
usage: "Damn, that breezy looks good."

slang: Crunked Up
meaning: Party up in a club
usage: Get crunked up!
name: pac

slang: ballaholic
meaning: addicted to expensive stuff
usage: If you go down to Shahan's in 'Frisco and put $1500 on some gold slippers, you's a ballaholic
name: The Angel

slang: Ice
meaning: Diamonds
usage: You've got a nice piece of ice on your ring.
name: PAS

slang: to dig
meaning: to understand, follow, comprehend
usage: in the middle of the story:
(A) You dig ?
(B) Yeh ... most of it.
name: Lera

slang: What's crackin?
meaning: what's going on
usage: Hey man, What's crackin? -Nothing. Just hanging

slang: Whats crackin'?
meaning: Whats going on?
usage: Hey Bill! Whats crackin'?
name: Sherron

slang: baller ?
meaning: You got a lot of money?
usage: Hey girl you a baller eh?

slang: Chickenhead
meaning: female always lookin' for some ones money.
usage: Chrissy is a chickenhead.

slang: cool
meaning: A state of being in which one is open-minded and tolerant, instead of being uptight, rigid and a basicly hard to deal with.
usage: Tien is a cool guy!

slang: cool
meaning: cool means someone who is relaxed, not judgmental, not square, and not inhibited by bullshit social conventions.
usage: Keith is a cool guy.

slang: Cool Buddies
meaning: Friends that are nice that do good things
usage: My Cool Buddies went to the nuclear power plant to protest
name: Keith Fearing

slang: crash
meaning: To go to sleep
usage: I'm going home and crash.
name: JCA

slang: Corn Doggs
meaning: Nerds, People who try to be funny but are not.
usage: That guy is a corn dogg.
name: Shantay

slang: to cut
meaning: to leave
usage: Yo baby I got to cut.

slang: cut out
meaning: to leave
usage: i'm going to cut out.

slang: discombobulated
meaning: wrong, you don't know what you are talking about.
usage: that fool don't know what he talking about he got me discombobulated.
name: Armon Chambers

slang: dofa
meaning: idiot
usage: What the hell are you doing dofa?

slang: ditz (noun) ditzy (adjective)
meaning: empty-headed female
usage: Look at her, what a ditz! Is that girl ditzy or what?
name: JCA

slang: dufus
meaning: a dufus (doo fuhs) is a naive, goofy idiot
usage: What a dufus!
name: Hao Xiang Wen

slang: ellbows
meaning: knock off on your wheels
usage: I got ellbows on my D's.
name: Jus' one

slang: haterism
meaning: to hate on one or more persons
usage: That female got a lot of haterism for me.
slang: hella days
meaning: a long time
usage: Damn, it's been hella days since i've seen you.

slang: "kicking back" or "to kick back"
meaning: To relax, like after a hard day at work

slang: scoop me up
meaning: pick me up
usage: Hey dawg you wanna scoop me up?

slang: little monster
meaning: name
usage: Here little monster
language: English
name: Bennett

slang: hedi-fedi
meaning: corruption
usage: Why is your girl being hedi-fedi on my relationship
name: Apollo

slang: motohead
meaning: a person who only thinks of racing motocross
usage: my friend is a motohead he watchs so much motocross

slang: off the hook
meaning: A Very Nice thing you like
usage: That car is off the hook.
name: Ambur

slang: pinoy
meaning: Filipino
usage: I am proud to be pinoy

slang: new
meaning: new
usage: Neo Tokyo is better than the first.

slang: parlay
meaning: To kick it
usage: Me and my posse gonna parlay.

slang: Scratch
meaning: money
usage: Tell that batch to give me my scratch.
name: d

slang: sauhop
meaning: homeboy
usage: Your sauhop be gettin' back at you with all them marbles.
name: Armon Chambers

slang: sup
meaning: How are you?
usage: Sup?

slang: sup
meaning: whats up
usage: sup nick
name: nick

slang: TRIPPY
meaning: WEIRD
language: English

slang: wigger
meaning: Someone implying they are African American when they are not. Also known as a wannabe.
usage: You're a bitch ass wigger.

slang: What's poppin'?
meaning: What are you doing?
usage: "Yo man, what's poppin'?"

slang: Wasss up?
meaning: What's up? What's new?
usage: Yo...wasss up?

slang: What's up g?
meaning: What's up gangsta?
usage: What's up g? What's yo name?

slang: yo wuz up dawg
meaning: how is it going
usage: yo wuz up dawg

slang: You got some/a smoke?
meaning: Do you have a cigarette?

slang: What cracking you?
meaning: What have you been up too ?


slang: Hayawein
meaning: Animal
usage: Ana Akbar hayawein (You are a huge animal)
name: EL Hayawein

slang: ya jahsh ya hayawein
meaning: Hayawein is not a slang ya jahsh (dumb ass)! Hayawein simply means animal said in the Lebanese accent of the Arabic language, and the word is sometimes used metaphorically. That is different than "slang"! Typical stupid Lebano-centric fucked-up view of the world.
usage: Seeing the job he has done educating your slow ass, abouk is surely the biggest Hayawein on the planet.
language: arabic
name: Souri

slang: eben ahbe
meaning: son of a bitch
usage: chou hal eben ahbé hayda (what a real son a bitch!!!)
language: Arabic
name: Bou Antarr

slang: lootey
meaning: gay (male homosexual)
usage: He's lootey.
language: arabic

slang: sharmouta
meaning: bitch, slut
usage: She is sharmouta.
name: Max

slang: sierra
meaning: car
usage: There is a sierra.
language: Arabic

slang: kol khara
meaning: Eat shit
usage: kol khara maaaaaan!
name: Makky

Mandarin Chinese

slang: zuo4 dan4 gao
meaning: make cake = deficate, poop, pinch a loaf
usage: Ta men you2 mei2 you3 ce4 cuo3? Wo3 yao4 zuo4 dan4 gao. = Do they have a
toilet? I want to make cake.

idiom: ye4 zhong2 hui4 = night club
meaning: a cemetery
usage: I live next to a night club.

Cantonese Chinese

slang: Gai (pronounced 'guy')
meaning: "chicken"-female prostitute (Cantonese Chinese)
usage: Kueih wan-gan jek Gai (He is looking for a prostitute)
name: JCA


slang: lähteä sutimaan
meaning: leave, get out
usage: mä lähden sutimaan = I'm leaving now
Lähde sutimaan! = Get out!
name: Kaisa


slang: bouffon
meaning: moron (very colloquialand pejorative)
use: when somebody said sth stupid or irrelevant, or if they wanted to be funny and were not so
name: Ulvova Peili

slang: Ta gueule.
meaning: Telling someone to shut up.
usage: Ta gueule idiot. (shut up moron)
name: Jennifer

slang: Je t'aime
meaning: i love you
usage: Je t;aime. et toi?
language: french
name: phillip

slang: colon
meaning: a very stupid person
usage: t'es un osti de colon man!
name: ekeii


slang: Wie gehts? (ve gHeets)
meaning: It means how are you, but is used like How's it going/What's up?
usage: Hallo! Wie Gehts??
name: Ja Right


slang: χοντρο πακετο
meaning: κατι πανω απ τι? δυναμει? μου
usage: εφαγα πακετο με αυτο το μαθημα! πολυ δυσκολα θεματα!


slang: Banchod
meaning: sister f*****
usage: tu benchod chhe
name: jay

slang: dofa
meaning: idiot
usage: dofa sidhho bes ne !
name: ketan

usage: -
language: gujarati
name: VIJAY


slang: Maa Ki Choot
meaning: Mother F***ing.
usage: Abe Saale Teri Maa Ki Choot Maar de
name: raz

slang: Rafuchakkar
meaning: stangley walk away
usage: Ek Hot Kudi Mujhe Dekh Ke Rafuchakkar Ho Gai.
name: Raz


slang: Merda
meaning: Shit
usage: Merda ho sbagliato! [Shit I'm wrong!]
name: martina


slang: ike-teru
meaning: cool, good

slang: uza-i, uze-e
meaning: annoying, troublesome

slang: chow
meaning: very

slang: dasa-i
meaning: uncool, strange

slang: maji
meaning: really? seriously?

slang: heko-mu
meaning: be dejected, sad (original meaning is 'dented')

slang: ita-i
meaning: absurd

slang:kimo-i (Tokyo), kisho-i (Osaka)
uncomfortable, weird, spooky (literal meaning is 'disgusting')

to be taken to the limit of one's abiliy

slang: yaba-i
meaning: disgusting OR very good (literal meaning is 'awkward' or 'unwise')

slang: a lu ba
meaning: Literally, it is an action where people grab the legs of a person and pull that person against a tree with one leg on each side (OUCH!). Ironically, it is said when people are in a group, having a good time.


slang: marfa
meaning: cool
usage: What a marfa t-shirt.
name: Flor


slang: nayekhat' na kogo-libo / ??????? ?? ????-???? [najExat']
meaning: to attack someone with undeserved criticism or threats
usage: Khvatit naezzhat' na Lenu iz-za yeyo opozdaniy. Ty zhe znayesh', chto ona postoyanno popadayet utrom v probki.
name: Daniel Fanisse

slang: tachka / ????? [tAt?ka]
meaning: a passenger car
usage: U moego brata klassnaya tachka.
name: Daniel Fanisse

slang: chaynik / ?????? [t?Ajn'ik]
meaning: a smatterer (the opposite of a professional)
usage: Esli ty ne umeesh' ispol'zovat' formuly v Excel, kupi sebe spravochnik "Excel dlya chaynikov". Tam vsyo podrobno obyasnyaetsya.
name: Daniel Fanisse

slang: zhmot / ???? [?mot]
meaning: (of a person) a miser, a skinflint
usage: Yeyo brat nastoyaschiy zhmot: zarabatyvayet beshenyye den'gi, a sestre na den' rozhdeniya podaril skromniy buketik.
name: Daniel Fanisse

slang: oborzet' / ???????? [abarzEt']
meaning: to become willing to get more than one deserves or is entitled to (e.g. to bid an inconceivably high price or to occupy some of the neighbors' land for one's cattle or to share a cake in such a way that the others only get meager pieces)
usage: Domovladelets khochet snova podnyat' platu za zhil'yo. On sovsem oborzel.
name: Daniel Fanisse

slang: Krassavets
meaning: Handsome(men)
usage: vot krassavets!
name: Ksen


slang: Chancleta
meaning: What us puerto ricans get hit wit by our mamas
usage: La otra dia,mi mama me golpea con la chancleta
The other day my mama hit me with the slipper.
name: Panama Boricua

slang: carnal
meaning: brother
usage: Que onda carnal??
name: "EL PALA"

slang: chido
meaning: cool
usage: Esto esta bien chido!

slang: camara
meaning: see you
usage: Camara my friend!

slang: nave
meaning: car
usage: My friend has a cool nave!!

slang: ?Hija de la chingada madre! or ?Hija la chingada! or ?Hija de la chingada!
meaning: Son of a bitch (eventhough hija is used) Literally- child of the raped one!!
usage: !Hija la chingada! No sabes jugar el fu'tbol en todo.
name: jimmyelgringo

slang: Chinga de puta madre
meaning: Go have sex with your whore of a mother
usage: Chinga de puta madre
name: Rebecca

slang: puta
meaning: defined erroneously by someone else as "bitch", it actually means whore or "cunt".
usage: El pobre no sabia que la mujer fue puta. The poor guy didn't know the woman was a whore.
name: La Gavacha

slang: Mierda
meaning: Shit
usage: Coma mierda!! Literally, eat shit!!
name: J Escalade

slang: Cabron
meaning: bastard
usage: Eres un carbon, hijo de su madre. Meaning, you are a bastard, son of your mother. This is a great insult in the Americas.
name: J Heezy..orale

slang: Pendejo/Pendeja
meaning: Idiot, jackass
usage: Pinches Pendejos!! Meaning, fuckin idiots or damn idiots. Used mainly in Central America
name: J Heezy

slang: gavacho/gavacha
meaning: A white person or an American.
usage: Ira los gavachos. Literally, look at the white people. Used mainly in Central America.
name: J Heezy fo Sheezy

slang: la chota
meaning: the police
usage: !La chota esta veniendo, andale!
name: Courtney / Chela

slang: puta, la perra
meaning: b*tch
usage: Ella es una puta porque tiene sexo con muchos chicos.
name: Courtney / Chela

slang: guera/guero
meaning: white girl/white boy
usage: Tu eres guero.
name: Courtney / Chela

slang: olvidalo
meaning: forget it, nevermind
usage: Olvidalo.
name: Jenn

slang: Simon
meaning: Right, Okay
usage: Simon Ese
name: PAS

slang: ¿Qué onda?
meaning: ¿Cómo estás?
usage: Cuando mi amigo me vió me dijo: ¿Qué onda?
language: spanish
name: Pamela

slang: que paso
meaning: it means like what's up in English wich is asking a person how he or she is doing these days
usage: Que paso con tu novio?


slang: Kex
meaning: good looking girl
usage: Vilket kex!
name: Anna

slang: Hash-pulka
meaning: Snowboard
usage: Jag har åkt hash-pulka hela veckan.
name: Karre
lang: swedish

slang: Jidra
meaning: Att hålla på.. starta bråk
usage: lennen börja jidra, så jag skickade juggarna på honom
name: Swede_dude
lang: swedish

slang: Fett
meaning: Mycket
usage: Den var fett bra (den var mycket bra)
name: WereWolf_

slang: Lax
meaning: Money
usage: Det är mycket lax det där!
name: UsHi

slang: Kex
meaning: Pengar
usage: Det kostar ju fett med kex!
name: Mattias


slang: engot
meaning: stupid or silly
usage: Ang engot mo naman!

slang: mahal na mahal kita
meaning: i love you
usage: baby...mahal na mahal kita.
language: tagalog
name: phillip

slang: gago
meaning: damn
usage: Gago ka Mike Benitez.(You're damn Mike Benitez.)
language: tagalog
name: popo


slang: ji1 che1
meaning: tao3 yuan4, a nusance, a pain in the ass
usage: Bu yao ne ma ji che, hao bu hao
language: taiwanese

slang: la3sai4
meaning: not prepared well, ad hoc, off hands, used in a joking way
usage: Xian4 zi4 huan1 ying2 di4 san1 dui4 lasai de5 biao3 yan3!

slang: ding gou gi4
meaning: to fight

slang: jing4 ou2 ya
meaning: to defecate

slang: kuei mao3
meaning: to act very slowly and indirectly, negative
usage: You are so kuei mao3.
webmaster note: I believe the 'k' here is pronounced 'g'.

slang: lei can2
meaning: to crash on a motorbike

slang: si cao4
meaning: very busy (negative)

slang: sun3 la4
meaning: a junior-level gangster


slang: beast
meaning: Phat, tight, cool
usage: That movie was so beast.
name: Shaminii


slang: meshugine
meaning: crazy
usage: The old bat is meshugine!

Other Languages

This section includes submissions for which a language was not specified.

slang: pössis
meaning: the way one is feeling
usage: taagi pössis,feeling damn good
name: maimai

slang: BUK-HA-NE