Taiwan Private Junior College

June 14, 2006

School Name Address & Website Note
China College of 212, Sec. 9, Yan-pin N. Rd., Tel.:(02)28102292
Marine Technology Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(02)28106688
and Commerce www.ccmtc.edu.tw Established in 1966
Renamed in 1998
Kang-Ning Jr. College 137, Lane 75, Sec.3, Kang-ning Rd., Tel.:(02)26321181
of Medical Care and Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(02)26328744
Management www.knjc.edu.tw Established in 1968
Upgraded in 1996
Renamed in 2003
Mackay Medicine , Nursing 92, Shengjing Rd., Beitou ., Tel.:(02)28584180
and Management College Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(02)28584183
www.mkc.edu.tw Established in 1970
Upgraded in 1999
Renamed in 2003
Jen-Teh Junior College 79-9, Shijou Li, Houlong, Tel.:(037)727331
of Medicine, Nursing Miaoli, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(037)724535
and Management www.jente.edu.tw Established in 1967
Renamed in 1971
Upgrade in 1999
Shu-Zen College of 452, Huanchiou Rd., Luju, Tel.:(07)6979333
Medicine and Management Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(07)6979691
www.szmc.edu.tw Established in 2000
Tzu Hui Institute 367, Sanming Rd., Nanchou, Tel.:(08)8647367
of Technology Pingtung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(08)8647123
www.tzuhui.edu.tw Established in 1964
Upgraded in 2000
Cardinal Tien College 364, Jungjeng Rd., Shindian , Tel.:(02)22191131
of Nursing Taipei, Taiwan , R.O.C. Fax :(02)22192721
www.ctcn.edu.tw Established in 1971
Min-Hwei College of 1116,Chung-Shan E.Road,Sec2 Liu-Ying, Tel.:(06)6223002
Health Care Management Tainan Hsien, 736 Taiwan , R.O.C. Fax :(06)6223616
www.mhchcm.edu.tw/ Established in 1964
Upgraded in 2003
Kao-Mei Institute of 309, Chenggong Rd., Meinong Township, Tel.:(07)6812148
Technology Kaohsiung County 843, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(07)6821281
www.kmvs.khc.edu.tw Established in 1968
Upgraded in 2003
Yuh-Ing Jr. College of 15 , Lane 420, Dachang 2nd Rd., Tel.:(07)3803420
Health Care & Management Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(07)3811112
www.yuhing.edu.tw Established in 1963
Upgraded in 2003
Chung Jen Junior College No . 217, Hung Mao Pi, Chia Yi  City Tel.:(05)2773932
of Nursing, Health Taiwan, R.O.C. Fax :(05)2751194
Science and Management www.cjns.cy.edu.tw Established in 2005
St. Mary's Medicine, 100,Lane 265,San-shing Rd., Sec. 2, Tel.:(03)9897396
Nursing and Management Da-yin Village, San-shing Shiang,Yi-lan Fax :(03)9897398
College County, Taiwan 266, R.O.C. Established in 2005
Hsin Sheng College of 115, Fulin Li, Pingjhen City , Tel.:(03)4693094
Medical Care and Taoyuan County, Taiwan 32462 ROC Fax :(03)4694534
Management www.hsc.edu.tw Established in 2005