Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

Rob Carey, Cohort 14

General Science Pre-Assessment Quiz about the Water Cycle

This pre-assessment precedes the water cycle unit.  The water cycle teaches students about how water moves in, on, and above the earth.  It touches on concepts of evaporation, precipitation, transpiration, and water’s ability to change matter states from liquid to gas, gas to liquid, and liquid to solid.  Students have most likely been introduced to the concepts in previous grades. This is a project based unit that culminates with the students creating a model of the local area’s water cycle.

The pre-assessment will help determine the student’s level of understanding prior to the unit and allow me to differentiate and modify corresponding lessons accordingly.  The pre-assessment is a quiz that can be performed on Kahoot. Click the following link to view and try the Kahoot assessment:

After the pre-assessment, I will review the data and create differentiation plans to target three performance levels: high, average, low.  Click the following link to view the Coggle flowchart that demonstrates how students performed on the pre-assessment, how they will be differentiated, and what activities will be used to track performance: