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Education: Links


General discussion

For students in a teacher training program:

  1. What qualities should a classroom environment have?
  2. What qualities should a classroom environment not have?
  3. If you have children someday, what kind of school do you hope they attend? What would you like their school to be like? Their teachers?
  4. In what ways was your K-12 education good? In what ways was it bad?
  5. What were your favorite classes in elementary school?
  6. What were your favorite classes in high school?
  7. According to what you know about education in the US, how is it different from education in Taiwan?
  8. What type of teacher do you want to be?
  9. How should teachers handle a disruptive student?
  10. What would you do if a fight broke out in your classroom?
  11. Of all the learning theory you've learned so far, what is the most useful? In other words, how can you apply theory to practice?
Talking about your curriculum

For high-intermediate and above levels. This exercise assumes all students in the course are enrolled in the same academic program, or are at least all are in the same department.

  1. In pairs or small groups, define the courses you are required to complete in order to graduate from your program. Prepare your final list in English.
  2. As a class, list the requirements on the board. (Requirements include classes, research projects, internships, etc.)
  3. In pairs or small groups, discuss your favorite and least favorite requirements.
  4. In your group, discuss the following question: Of your least favorite requirements, which ones, if any, do you think could be discontinued? Which ones, though unpleasant, are in fact very important to your education?
  5. In your group, discuss the following question: If you could choose that a class be added to the program, what class would it be? What would it teach you?
  6. As a class, groups discuss their conclusions.
Desert Island
  1. You and your group have landed on a desert island with not way off. There are a number of children with you on the island ages 6-8.
  2. Your group realizes that you must educate the children. Luckily, you are all trained teachers. The question is, what and how do you teach them?
  3. As a group, determine:
    1. what subject matter to teach them.
    2. how to teach them (methods, approaches).