Use of Digital Tools for Students’ Learning and Technologies Historical Background

Hello, I am Carola Deinet-Knittel, and I am very engaged in how to use and set up Digital Learning for my students.
Being a person that didn’t grow up with any Digital related tools as student this topic is a new and also exciting one for me. When I started a few years ago at the International School of Stuttgart, I had hardly any experience to use a computer, laptop, Word, Powerpoint or White Boards. This has changed into the better the more I have been teaching at my current school. Digital Learning is highly valued there, and teachers are trained to use these tools. So-this is my honest opinion- you CAN’T refuse to use Digital Resources for young and older learners!!!
I chose two topics that are related to Digital Learning for students at my school.
1. As I  like to use outdoor experiences and the environment to be set up as another “Classroom” for students’ learning, I would like to introduce the Swabian Alp to you.



One of these is a GPS tour at our nearby outdoor environment, which is the Swabian Alp. The Swabian Alp is an area where students from all parts of the local environment, and the city of Stuttgart /Baden-Wuerttemberg, come and

have a visit there. There are quite famous places where you are allowed to dig for prehistorical animals, such as ammonites, snails and parts of dinosaurs, as we live on this terrain, where billions of years ago there was ocean everywhere.
2. The other part of my blog shows how Digital Learning has been developed throughout the last 500 to 600 years. As I am always excited to learn about some historical background related to topics (I am also a “Fleemarket”-person- always searching for tools that have historical background!) that is why I am excited to share these two links with you. When I had a look at the internet page below, I was fascinated how technology has been developed over several hundereds !!! of years. I haven’t had any knowledge related to history of technology in classrooms, and this page explains very well and easily, how digital learning has been taking place up to now. The historical background might be a good input into children’s understanding how digital learning has arrived in our classrooms.

I hope that you enjoy both the offered links.
Best regards Carola